Inception Wine ❤️ Snack Essentials

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Champagne and caviar. Muscadet and oysters. Sauvignon blanc and goat cheese. Cool, cool, we’re sure those are all delicious, but… yawn! Wine doesn’t always have to be so high-brow! Why not try something a little more easygoing?

Here are a couple low-budget, big-taste bachelor apartment staples to pair with two of our favourite Inception wines.

Inception Irresistible White + Tater Tots
One’s fresh and summery with a touch of sweet, one’s fresh from the freezer and perfectly snackable. Put them together and you have the start of something special! Golden brown and crispy enough for your roommate to hear from a room away, tater tots are a match made in snack heaven for the golden, crisp, and light flavours of our Irresistible White.

Inception Deep Layered Red + Jalapeño Cheese Twists
Look, it’s pretty easy to open a bottle of Inception. Know what else is pretty easy? Popping open a bag of your favourite couch-worthy snacks! So here’s an unconventional cheese pairing for you. Like tater tots, but with a burst of spicy cheesiness, jalapeño cheese twists help to bring out the sassy, fruity flavours of our Deep Layered Red.

Inception Wine Snack Essentials