Inception Wines ❤ Vinyl

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Ok, so we’ve talked live music and festival season. Now let’s bring things home and talk some living room listening.

Look, streaming services are great and super-convenient (especially when we’re on-the-go). But sometimes it’s nice to be able to just kick back, throw on a record, and unwind.

So here’s to you, vinyl, and to just some of the reasons why we think you’re cool.

Record stores are cool places.
In this crazy digital world we live in, there’s something refreshing about stepping into a physical record store and discovering something new.

Music fans are cool people.
And you tend to find them at record stores! Also, side note: doesn’t listening to a record just feel more personal? It’s almost like the artist etched you a copy of their music!

We like deep layered listening.
And it just seems like vinyl records make us listen more carefully. There’s magic in hearing a small detail you never heard before, even on a track you’ve heard hundreds of times.

Have a favourite record store? Let us know in the comments below.