Keep Doing You, Canada 🇨🇦

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Canada definitely has its own thing going on, and as a South African wine in the Great White North, we’re always finding new things to celebrate. So this one’s for you, Canada. Keep doing you… because we think you’re pretty great.

And while we’ll be donning our Canadian tuxedos and raising a glass of Inception🍷this Canada Day to your diversity, acceptance, and natural beauty, we also wanted to take a moment to celebrate the simple things you’ve brought us, like…

Ketchup chips
We all love chips, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like ketchup. So how has the world not joined the #KetchupChipMovement?

Bagged milk
Who said milk had to come in a jug or a carton? Leave it to Canadians to figure out another way. Enter: milk in a bag.

Nanaimo bars
Shout-out to BC for bringing wafer, chocolate (❤), and custard to the people in all its layered glory.

Montreal-style bagels
Speaking of local specialties, what would the bagel world be without these sweet New York-style alternatives?

Maple syrup
This one’s kind of obvious, but come on, would your pancakes and waffles really be the same without real Canadian maple syrup?

So pop open those ketchup chips and drizzle that maple syrup with pride this Canada Day, and have a safe and happy long weekend! 🎇