Let Your Style Do All the Talking

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Seasons change. Different scenes call for different looks. Different times call for different wines.

We all have our own ways of expressing ourselves, whether through music, art, or fashion. It’s part of what makes us unique. A lot can be said when we speak up, but it’s amazing how much can be said without a single word. We’re always changing (not just our clothes), and part of the fun is finding fresh ways to be ourselves in different situations. As we head into fall, here are some tips on how to make your style stand out no matter the setting.

The Deep Layered Red Look 🍷
If you don’t feel like wearing white after Labour Day, go back to black. Rock some sweet jeans, a pair of fresh red kicks, maybe some denim on denim. Break out your favourite leather jacket. Embrace the art of layers (before winter buries you under a mountain of them).

Level Up Your Style 💯
Speaking of layers… As the temperatures fall, the need for a good jacket rises. Don’t let your awesome outfit get lost underneath a sub-par shell. Find something in your style that’s warm, fashionable, and durable. It’s the true star of any fall wardrobe.

Inspired by Irresistible White
Summer is short. Winter comes too soon. But it doesn’t have to be August to keep those summery vibes going. Before the temperatures get chilly, remember that you get to decide when shorts season ends. Keep the colours fresh and the spirit of backyard get-togethers alive!

Create Your Own Fall Collection 📸
Feeling extra fly today from all the compliments on your ‘fit? Take a pic! That way, next time you’re in a morning rush, you have a quick hint of what to wear. And know that you’ll look good every time, too. Create a photo folder for each season, and just like that, you’ll have a catalogue of all your freshest getups for any time of year.