So Many Festivals, So Little Time

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Summer really needs to be longer – if for no other reason than to have more music festivals to enjoy before we’re all buried under more layers than our Deep Layered Red.

But let’s be real. There are probably already more festivals than most of us can handle. So where do you even start? Do you try to hit up as many as you can, follow your friends, or just zero in on the ones you absolutely can’t miss?

Well, if you’re still on the fence (and maybe weren’t able to settle things at your most recent backyard get-together), here are four suggestions to get you started.

When: Aug 3-5
Where: Montreal, QC

When: Aug 3-5
Where: Sackville, NB

Riverfest Elora
When: Aug 17-19
Where: Elora, ON

When: Sept 13-16
Where: Victoria, BC