Meet You in the Backyard

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Summer. At last.

Time to throw on those shades, catch some rays, and catch up with friends. Time for that backyard get-together! So you’ve got your friends, a time, a place, and (hopefully) some Inception wine. What’s next?

Lights 💡
It doesn’t have to be the holidays to break those festive lights out of storage. Hang them wherever you like. It’s your party! If you have some clear (and empty) wine bottles laying around (hello, Irresistible White and Blushing Rosé), drop a small string of lights inside to create your very own patio lanterns.

Tunes 🎸
Designate a DJ or be the master of your own music. Requests are a must. Impromptu karaoke is encouraged. As for sound, a small portable speaker usually does the trick. Bounce it off a hard surface for a bit more punch.

Cups 🍷
No need to bring the fancy glassware. Some simple plastic wine “glasses” or even your trusty old plastic cups will do just fine. Also, a permanent marker can be your best friend… when your best friend tries to steal your drink.

Eats 🍽
So many options! Do you test your friends’ cooking skills and go the pot luck route, test your own skills and go the grilling route, or test the skills of others and order in?

It doesn’t take much to create your own special night, so feel free to get creative. And don’t forget to do the twist!