Start Something New This October

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November’s pretty low-key as far as special occasions go, but October? October’s packed so full of turkey, stuffing, and candy that you could get what feels like a year’s worth of eating done in just one month!

Don’t get us wrong. Old traditions are nice. Same family, same food. All that stuff (and stuffing)? All good!

But new traditions are pretty cool too. More than just wearing a different costume to the same party, why not mix things up this year and start something new?

Step 1: Set the big bird aside. 🦃

Did someone say tacos? Whether they’re turkey tacos, veggie tacos, or not even tacos at all, it’s nice to mix things up for once. If you’ve had a lifetime of eating plain old turkey, chances are it’s gonna taste the same this year as it has every other year!

Step 2: Host (or talk a friend into hosting) a Friendsgiving. 😊

Don’t forget about your family, but maybe do something fun with friends as well. They deserve a special thank-you – for all the times they did all those things. So many good things!

Step 3: Have your own holiday. 📅

Thanksgiving and Halloween might be marked on the calendar, but don’t let that stop you from making your own officially unofficial holiday. Deep Layered Red Day, anyone?

Step 4: Go as yourself. 👻

Costumes are cool. But you know who else is pretty cool? You. So rock your freshest fall looks, own that leather jacket like the rightful owner you are, or take the opportunity to debut something totally fresh and new.