The Tips They Didn’t Tell You

The Tips They Didn’t Tell You

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Remember how you felt before that first time you ‘met the parents’? Growing up, the nerve-racking day after Labour Day probably felt similar. And maybe it still does. Because nobody really wants to meet their profs after a fun summer. But you have to (eventually). Lucky for you, we have some tips to help make your return to classes smoother than ever.

Remember to keep in touch with family. 👪
And let them know how much laundry you’ll be bringing back. 

The ‘don’t wear white after Labour Day’ rule is real. 🏳️
It’s a good thing Inception Irresistible White can’t be worn!

Learn to cook a few simple meals and watch the savings pile up. 💸
Use that extra cash at that fancy place you’ve been eyeing.

Make at least one friend in every class. 👯
Having someone to share notes and study with is super valuable (and underrated), especially come exam time.

Some things go together. Some things don’t. 🍫
Chocolate brown loafers with a black belt? Nope. Dark chocolate with Inception Deep Layered Red? Yup.

Don’t overdo it. 😴
Stay energized by getting a good night’s sleep, exercising, drinking enough water, and not overindulging. 

Don’t look forward to graduation. 🎓
Live in the moment. Take it all in. When you’re out of school, you’ll look back and miss some things you didn’t think you ever would!